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In the last 12 months there’s been a surge of working from home, a relief for many, no longer starting the day stressed in peak hour traffic, extra time for morning exercise or spending time with loved ones and a sigh of relief at not feeling exhausted at the end of the day!

Working from home can bring more flexibility, time and freedom it can also bring new challenges. That of discipline, focus and keeping a fine balance between work and home tasks. It’s wonderful to make the most of getting the laundry done and out to dry in the sun but not at the expense of then needing to work late into the evening.

Tips for a Successful Home Office Life

Create a Space YOU Love to Work in! In a spare room, the living area or kitchen. Find a spot that you love and Create a WORK ZONE there. So important for focus and productivity. If you don’t love the spot, you won’t want to work from it.

The WORK ZONE – needs to be practical and bring joy! It could be a spacious desk or one with an in built bookcase. In my Home Office I have a rich blue velvet chair and pink fluffy cushion – elegance and luxe while feeling comfortable while I work! You may like a work zone with a desk and chair AND one of those gorgeous egg chairs to sit in, reflect on the day, to take calls or for the creative juices to flow!

Before purchasing anything, ask yourself ‘what do I need?’ and write a list, then write a list of how you want it to look and feel – including things like, plants or coasters, a specific coffee cup or candle. This is your space and you get to choose how it looks and feels! It’s really all about understanding how you work best and creating an environment to support and uplift you in that!

Creating BOUNDARIES with Self and Others is crucial. Take time for lunch and sit in the garden for coffee break. If your partner works from home, ensure they know your working hours or create a sign that says ‘Darling I love you and right now I’m in a Meeting. I’ll be available at ‘insert time’’ and pop it on the office door or your desk.

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If you need help creating your Home Office, email me I’d love to assist you! Click Here for more details on consultations.

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