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Photo:  Successful candidate Aaron Fayers

As we begin the new year, Australia is starting to see the return of some economic strength and much needed jobs. However, with the widespread unemployment that raged last year, many support systems have become overworked and hard to access. Even with increasing jobs, it is still difficult to know exactly how you can fit in.


Specific support for one of these vulnerable groups can be found in the new STEPS initiative, the Young Veterans Support Program. Veterans can access a range of support for reintegrating into society and finding employment that suits their skills, needs and desires.


The program has already seen immense success in helping young veterans, after starting late last year to meet a gap in the market.


One such success story is Aaron Fayers, a young veteran from the Sunshine Coast area, who credits his workplace success to the program and assistance from its employment specialist, Tadd Marturano.

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“Having served in the Australian Defence Force, then changed over to a FIFO job post-Defence life, I did not think I’d have a problem ever finding work,” Mr Fayers said.


“About two and a half months had passed and despite applying for many jobs on employment websites, I was having no luck.”


Mr Marturano, who served five years with the Australian Defence Force, is uniquely aware of the difficulty that veterans can face in finding suitable employment and utilises his experience to fuel the program’s success.


“Veterans discharge from service with an exemplary skillset that can make a huge positive impact in any workplace; resilience, determination, discipline, and leadership are commonplace strengths within our veteran community,” Mr Marturano said.


“However, working in Defence is no ordinary job and it is sometimes difficult to know how to transfer your skills to make yourself desirable in the civilian workplace.”


Mr Fayers was recommended the Young Veterans Support Program by the President of Young Veterans Sunshine Coast, Peter Kennedy, who is a friend of Mr Fayers.


“Tadd was unbelievably responsive straight from the word go; he arranged for a meeting immediately that day,” Mr Fayers said.


“Tadd reviewed my CV and skills sets, helped me to even neaten up my cover letter to be more competitive, and in that meeting was able to get an understanding of my background and my desired direction of work.


“Within two days, I was being contacted and short-listed for jobs on the Sunshine Coast from companies with a need for workers, and specifically ex-Defence members, due to the training and disciplined received when I enlisted.”


Mr Fayers has now secured a full-time role on the Sunshine Coast and looks forward to seeing what 2021 will bring for him.


“Having the support of the STEPS Veterans program to return to work has been a massive help; I highly recommend Tadd and the program to any Veteran transitioning or struggling to find employment up here on the coast,” Mr Fayers concluded.


“I can’t thank Tadd enough for his passion and commitment to ensuring his clients are looked after and in good hands.”


If you or someone you know could benefit from the STEPS Young Veterans Support Program, speak to one of our veteran support consultants today on 5453 8700 or email


This project received grant funding from the Australian Government.



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