Local dance company, Neo Vida, presents ‘Somnium’ at The J – Noosa

Since 2016, Neo Vida Dance Company, under the direction of Patricia Jar, has been inspiring
young and local talent across the Sunshine Coast with her full length and in-depth contemporary
dance works. Of course, like many other creative industries, Neo Vida suffered during the midst
of the Covid-19 pandemic but is resurfacing this year with a goal of being even stronger than
ever before. Jar states, ‘In 2020, we unfortunately had to postpone rehearsals indefinitely, but as
soon as we were able to get back in the studios, we began exploring ideas for our comeback.
We hosted a successful audition and built a strong group of dancers for our 2021 season. My
goal as a director and dancer myself, is to reignite the flame of dance performance on the
Sunshine Coast and inspire audiences through our unique story-telling choreography.’

Being a school teacher as well as a dance creative, Jar has a passion for exploring how dance
and choreographic processes can help students feel encouraged to learn through creativity,
inspire ideas and explore different career avenues. To do this Jar encourages local schools to
attend the show, with post-show ‘in conversation’ sessions and workshops for the students. Jar
explains, ‘We offer local schools the chance to engage with the company directly not only
through performance but also through workshops held at their school, where the students can
learn a piece of the choreography from a Neo Vida company dancer. This allows the students
an opportunity to ask questions they may have about dance, choreography, creative process
and more.’

In an aim to engage with a wide audience, the concept behind their upcoming show Somnium is
about dreams; how they come about, how they affect us and how we can learn from them. The
dancers use the movements and expressions along with the visual production to explore the
notion that dreams can reveal insight into hidden desires, hopes, anxieties and emotions. Jar
states, ‘Our goal is to take audience members on a journey exploring themes that relate to
some of today’s societal realities – such as pollution and technology. The psychological
connection between reality and dreams is something that we all experience and it can tell us a
lot about our inner-selves. I encourage audience members to come along with an open mind,
while also enjoying the experience of a virtuous and expressive live dance production.’

Time & Dates: 8th, 9th & 29th of July from 6:30pm
Duration: 1hr50mins
Tickets for Somnium can be purchased through: thej.com.au/somnium/



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