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December 2021

Your ‘Positive’ Guidance for your horoscope for December 2021; to help you enjoy your journey and make the most of the energy surrounding you this month. (Stick to your horoscope only for best results)

HOW IT WORKS: The first section is the energy that is surrounding your horoscope for this month, and what types of things are likely to arise. The second section is the positive guidance to help you to enhance your month and make the most of it.

Read your guidance for the month and apply this positivity & guidance to as many areas of your life as you see fit. It may make sense in all areas of your life or may be more specific to a certain area; such as relationships, career, finances, family, health, spirituality, home and more.

This month is asking you to look deep within, so you can step forward into the new year with a clear direction; one which resonates with your heart’s truth. You have been through many things, now is the time to take stock of those things and decide what you will let go of and what positive lessons you will use to build a stronger and wiser version of yourself. Take all the time you need, enjoy some peace, and delve deep into your spiritual journey. Honour the wisdom within yourself. This is a deep month where your spiritual connection will heighten.

Guidance: It is time to move your focus to more than the material, to more than simply survival, and move it to one of community, of helping others where you can and on focusing on success and abundance for yourself (focus on positives instead of lack). Perhaps you can help out a community group. Spending time in nature will help you to gain the clarity you need right now.
This month brings the energy of commitment and focus bringing success. You are being encouraged to keep working towards your goals and you are being reassured that with hard work and persistence, you will find the success that you desire in life. Whatever you are working on, keep doing it as it will bring stability and passion. You will find yourself working hard towards a goal or job that you are very fond of and if you are not happy and have an offer for a new job, this will be a successful move. If you are not sure of something, further study and enquiry will help you to make a good decision.

Guidance: When times are busy, remember to keep a sense of relaxed focus and increased calm. Keep going with your work but don’t let it overwhelm you, you are always protected. It is also recommended that you take some time to connect in with your own wellbeing and to spend time having fun with friends in order to keep a balance in life. Creativity and meditation will help.
Change is in the air for you this month and it is a good change. You are at a turning point and luck is on your side. Everything in life cycles and when things end, another begins. You are being asked to focus on what you want at the level of the heart and then to trust in the universe to deliver…and remember it is not always in ways which we want, but it is always what we really need, so flexibility is an asset. Focus on optimism and be active in pursuing your goals.

Guidance: Remain in control of your emotions, this means to feel them in a gentle way rather than denying them. It means, understand them and not let them overwhelm you, you stay in control. Meditation and keeping your body active will help, exercise, tai chi, dance etc! Spending time with home and family is recommended here too.
This month you will feel a very grounded energy, it is a time of nurturing and compassion for you. You will feel a deep need to connect with others and with nature. Wisdom will flow to you from within and from other sources. Know that you are protected with this nurturing energy and will feel even better when you share this nurturing energy with others. You will also have great clarity into the truth at this time.

Guidance: Allow yourself to indulge in your creativity this month and enjoy all of the abundance around you. This is a prosperous time for you so you never know, you may just buy the winning ticket this month…or the universe will gift you in some way, so be open to allowing and welcoming all forms of prosperity, money, nature, family, love. This is a great time to set goals and commit to seeing them through with persistence.
The energy of balance, equality and fairness are surrounding you this month and it looks like something in your life needs attention or a decision made. Rest assured that situations will work out on a positive for both sides. You are reminded that we are all responsible for sharing kindness and compassion. You will have a focused and clear mind which is nicely balanced by intuition this month. There may be legal documents this month too.

Guidance: Allow your mind to see other possibilities and don’t limit yourself to one way of thinking. Own your power, own your decision made out of compassion. Once you are clear of mind about your goals, dive in headfirst with joy and passion. Step away from anyone who makes you feel like a victim, and confront and heal any inner beliefs that you are a victim, they are not true…it’s time to take control of your direction with an optimistic outlook.
This month you will find that you have more kindred spirits around you. The energy of connection and of beginning new ventures which are either spiritually or financially directed is strong right now. It is likely that you will see the opportunity to begin a new project or relationship with someone who you have a deep connection with, take baby steps, study and planning will lead to success.

Guidance: You are strong and your heart is opening more and more to the love and relationships that you deserve. Hold your head up high, walk with confidence and look at the mirror in the morning and tell yourself how wonderful, confident, strong and lovable you are. Visualise filling yourself with self respect and confidence. Also, look for the best qualities in people and yourself…change your outlook, change your life, get amazing results!
This is a great month to go ahead with your plans or take your business or relationship to the next level as you are surrounded with a very grounded and practical energy. You may receive wise counsel from someone whom you can trust and don’t be surprised if you find yourself knowing the right moves to make instinctively. This is a great month to plan things out for the future too as you are surrounded with a very organised and focused, logical energy.

Guidance: Sit down and give yourself the time to get really clear, write it all out and then get straight to making it happen. Don’t allow yourself to give in to any insecurities as they are not true, push through them and become the best person that you are here to be. Look at life through a lens of joy, fun, and the belief that anything is possible…and then it will be!
This month there is inspiration and lots of energy in the air for you. You are being urged to follow your intuition and begin action now. You will find yourself having a breakthrough moment of clarity which will be ensued with great motivation and passion. Taken with both hands, this could be the beginning of something very good for you. If you are not sure of which way to go with all of this energy, think about what you want long term and head in that direction.

Guidance: Act with honour, respect and compassion towards yourself and others. Be clear with any communications and listen well to others. Be open to wisdom from a new teacher/mentor. Do what you can to help the earth and her inhabitants, this or something like this, will help you to follow your dreams, feel strong from within and can improve your social life too.
A new day is dawning and this month you are surrounded with a mix of energies as you head out of hard times and into good times. The universe is whispering to you, ‘Things will get easier sweetheart, you are on your way now.’ Transition calls for forgiveness, healing and releasing the past and moving into the future with a positive expectancy. Your stressful times are in the past. Embrace this energy and any help that is offered. This may be a time of relocation or travel too.

Guidance: Spend time by the ocean or water to align yourself with the flowing nature of water. Get rid of things that are old, outdated or you don’t need any more. Clear up misunderstandings with people if needed and make sure you communicate well. Look for lessons from the past and take the positives with you… especially any indications where you had an intuition and didn’t follow it, how did your intuition present? Learn to understand it and next time, you will be able to trust and go with it.
This month you may find a challenge of the mind. When stress and worry become overwhelming, the only thing for you to do is to work at looking for the stars, the light, or positive things. There is likely to be change that you are not particularly wanting….but you have options. Your options are in how you think about it, change your perception, let this be a new adventure that you are heading towards. You are on the cusp of something great…you are almost there.

Guidance: Pay close attention to your intuition instead of just relying on what you see, your intuition is strong, just make sure you are out of fear as fear will cloud your intuition. Do this by choosing to trust, have faith that there is something wonderful coming for you and this is the necessary shift to get you there…it’s all about perspective right! Make sure communication is direct, kind and straightforward at this time (no dancing around the issue!)
Emotional stability, satisfaction and good fortune are surrounding you this month. You can expect finances to improve or a lucky break with something, and everything is going to have a feeling of joy to it. If you struggle to feel into this joy, you can tune into it by simply choosing to allow yourself to be open to joy. If you are facing problems, use the resilience skills that you have learnt along the way to this point. This month is about enjoying life and all of it’s pleasures.

Guidance: Be on the lookout for any wonderful new ideas and how they can be applied to compliment your life now, or pathe a new direction for you. If you have had something that you have always wanted to do, now is a great time to get doing! Be discerning with your communications and steer clear of gossip…its low vibes aren’t for you.
This month is one of excitement for you, things are growing and developing, you have been working hard and very soon, they will be moving forward, your efforts will pay off. Anticipation and optimism are all around you and while you wait to see what they bring to you, use this powerful energy to make more plans for the future. How can you improve things? What more do you want? What else can you do to align with your passions? Travel is also on the cards this month.

Guidance: Bring more colour and vibrancy into your life by wearing more colourful clothes and choose to lighten up and not take things so seriously. You will be amazed at how these things can make any challenge so much easier to deal with…and even eliminate some challenges! Be free to express your love to those around you, relax more and enjoy life a whole lot more!

I believe in positive messages for the heart. We are all on the path to our best lives and best selves…now go and have an amazing month you wonderful person!

If you would like clear guidance that is more specific to you exactly, please message me at: m.me/sunshinecoastspiritmedium or sunshinecoastspiritmedium@gmail.com to discuss an accurate private one on one phone / video reading from anywhere in the world. Blessings, Love & Light.
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