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When we start off in business, it’s usually because we have a passion to serve or create, to make life easier or make a difference. If we are a product based business, we may have created something unique that solves a problem or meets a need. Like stainless steel pegs – easy to use, environmentally friendly and rust free! No more broken plastic going into landfill! I love Go for Zero – great products with an emphasis on natural, toxic free, environmentally friendly and made with love – all Australian brands too #SupportLocal #SupportHomeGrown


Business has many moving facets, providing the service or products, connecting with and maintaining client relationships, suppliers, the environment we operate within, marketing, growth, accounts, staff, sales, networking, brand awareness…the list goes on…


I have witnessed time and again that the environment we operate within whether that’s Home Office, Business Office + Space, Factory or Shop Outlet, is key to the happiness and success of those within the business, customers + clients and the business itself. What I mean by this is,


Is the space welcoming?

Does the layout enhance the customer experience or hinder it?

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How does it FEEL? Do people want to run in and stay awhile or do people keep a distance and footfall is low?

Is your team HAPPY or is the office a zone of STRESS and CHAOS?


Another thing to consider is, are staff often off sick? This can highlight stagnant energy within the environment. It can also affect plant life… often see plants in the office wilting?


Like flowers in a garden, that need an environment which provides nourishment, water, sunlight and care in the correct proportions, humans need the same to grow, thrive and flourish rather than flounder and become stagnant.


If you are a business owner who resonates with any one of these and you would like to explore with a fresh set of eyes, how to bring about change through applying Feng Shui principles and simple strategies, to grow, flourish and thrive, drop me an email at and share with me the top 3 things you’d love to change about your business and I will come and shine a light on the business environment and suggest specific strategies to move things forward.


I look forward to hearing from you!


With Grace and Gratitude, Nicola La Vie – Feng Shui + Energy Strategist 0468 639 550



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