Feng Shui Transformation in the Home

Feng Shui Transformation – To Live in Harmony and be at Peace in the Home, is the key to Creating a Happy Life.

Feng Shui (pronounced: Fung Shway) was founded thousands of years ago and over time humanity has lost touch with many basic and simple principles, that create so much harmony in the home as well as a peaceful way of living – even down to the positioning, design and layout of a house. This not only affects how we feel and our day to day living but also our health and well being. Yet if we don’t know these principles, we may have no idea that something within the home or it’s surroundings, could be affecting our health and well being, along with other aspects of our lives.

Looking a little deeper, our home is an external reflection of our internal world. When I hear people say they are tired, I ask ‘Where is there clutter in your home?’ When clutter is present and action isn’t taken to address, move and organise it, it literally zaps our energy. Yet when we do act we reclaim our energy and feeling tired is replaced with feeling re-energised.

When working with clients, one of the first questions I ask is ‘How do you FEEL in your home?’. It is a powerful question to ponder and the start and key to everything else.

I am deeply passionate about sharing the Principles of Feng Shui and assisting people within their homes, to create more happiness, better health (this could be reduced stress and anxiety) along with more abundance and a greater sense of self. I also provide what I call Energy Therapy for the home, which has a profound and positive affect on the home, those who live there and ripples out into the wider community.

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Much of this is about MINDSET – Clearing the CLUTTER of the mind, an OPEN HEART being HONEST with ourselves about how we REALLY FEEL about our lives and homes – then COMMITTING to taking ACTION and following through. Taking the correct action can be really simple yet profound when working with a Feng Shui Specialist.

If you need help in any area of your life and home or perhaps something specific resonates within this article, please reach out to me at magicallynow@gmail.com I would love to assist you.

by Nicola La Vie – Feng Shui Transformation 0468 639 550 magicallynow@gmail.com



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