Feng Shui in Business

When we start out in business it is usually through a desire to assist others, solve a problem or provide essential services or products. No matter how large or small, a business has many moving parts. In all my years of assisting businesses the number one thing I have observed are challenges in the area of communication and relationships, with suppliers, employees, clients and customers.

When communication channels are open, where there is clarity, there is ease and understanding for everyone. This leads to wonderful relationships both within a business and in solving a clients problem with ease.

It also involves having an open mind to try new things and explore new possibilities, that can create amazing changes! Recently I assisted a client with Feng Shui in her home (she also works from home), we focused on relationships and within 3 days she messaged to say her business had absolutely exploded (this was before she had implemented the action plan from our consultation!) to the point of being fully booked and now having a wait list. Financially it meant being able to clear a 6 figure business loan within 5 months rather than 5 years. Not to mention all the positive changes that happened within her home – a peaceful sanctuary to relax in and work from with ease.

The Principles of Feng Shui and applying them along with space clearing/energy healing bring about transformational results in both home and business.  I’m opening up an Introductory Offer for Businesses on the Sunshine Coast – A Feng Shui Consultation (1 hour) and space clearing for $250. To celebrate this, I’m running a competition for one business to win a 1 hour Feng Shui Consultation with me valued at the Introductory Offer of $250.

To be eligible to win you must meet the following criteria:

  • Ovenu Sunshine Coast

To enter the competition, simply email Magicallynow@gmail.com


  • Name of your business
  • Location of your business
  • That you are the Chief/CEO
  • ALSO share with me the number 1 issue you would love to resolve in your business.

These 4 points must be included within the email to be eligible to go into the draw to win.

The draw will take place on the 14th May and a winner will be chosen at random (insert my 7 year old will pull a name out of a hat!!)

The winner will be contacted by email and the consultation must take place within 1 month (14th June).


by Nicola La Vie – Feng Shui Transformation 0468 639 550 magicallynow@gmail.com



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